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    Announcing the ASNI Monthly Neuroimmunology Seminar series 

    The Americas School of Neuroimmunology (ASNI), a regional school of the International Society of Neuroimmunology, is pleased to announce its monthly seminar series on neuroimmunology. The seminars will be virtual, at no cost, and will occur on Thursday noon Eastern Time in the last or second last week of each month. We are committed to delivering cutting edge content by international experts and their trainees across neurological conditions. We are proud to have the following confirmed schedule:

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1st Asia-Pacific School of Neuroimmunology - APSNI

August 30, 2015, in Tokyo, Japan

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Sanjo Conference Hall
University of Tokyo
Tokyo, Japan


Speakers & Chairs

Kira, Jun-ichi (JSNI President)
Yong, V. Wee (ISNI President)

Brown, David (University of NSW - Sydney, Australia)
Greer, Judith (University of Queensland - Brisbane, Australia)
Inuzuka, Takashi (Gifu University - Gifu, Japan)
Kaida, Kenichi (National Defense Medical College - Tokorozawa, Japan)
Kira, Jun-ichi (Kyushu University - Fukuoka, Japan)
Kusunoki, Susumu (Kinki University - Osaka, Japan)
Martino, Gianvito (San Raffaele Scientific Institute - Milan, Italy)
Matsui, Makoto (Kanazawa Medical University - Japan)
Miyake, Sachiko (Juntendo University - Tokyo Japan)
Murai, Hiroyuki (Kyushu University - Japan)
Nakamura, Tatsufumi (Nagasaki International University - Sasebo, Japan)
Okuno, Tatsusada (Osaka University - Osaka, Japan)
Schwartz, Michal (The Weizmann Institute of Science - Rehovot, Israel)
Serrats, Jordi (Takeda Pharmaceuticals - California, USA)
Sobue, Gen (Nagoya University - Nagoya, Japan)
Suzumura, Akio (Nagoya University - Nagoya, Japan)
Yamamura Takashi (National Center of Neurology and Psychiatry - Kodaira, Japan)
Yamanaka, Koji (Nagoya University - Nagoya, Japan)
Yamano, Yoshihisa (St. Marianna University School of Medicine - Tokyo, Japan)
Yamasaki, Ryo (Kyushu University - Fukuoka, Japan)
Yokota, Takanori (Tokyo Medical and Dental University - Tokyo, Japan)
Yong, V. Wee (University of Calgary - Calgary (AB), Canada

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